Our values

  «Everything begins with our strengths: the skills, the ability, the empathy, the devotion; Our performance and our vision enhances these forces. You should never lose track of what you leave behind and pass on as legacy, achievements and values. Only those who have gone through hell notice the heaven. But experiencing the beauty of the sky and its true identity is one of the greatest challenges: the discovery, the true deal! "

Mihai-Cristian Cotul 2020

A small team with big heart and dreams

The Source medicine
The concept briefly explained:  
  The source medicine is a philosophical concept.
  This concept comes from Der Alpendoktor GmbH, from the founder Dr.med.univ. Mihai-Cristian COTUL.
At the beginning of the time when medicine was close to nature, it was very important for doctors, philosophers, astronomers, healers, alchemists, naturalists, farmers, pilgrims and monks to pursue their philosophies in search of the source (the cause of all things ), in search of the essence of life and suffering.
It was often a dream, then an idea that led to a constellation of actions up to the discovery ...
Today we go the opposite way. We try to get from the appearance to the source. So it happens that we often only fight the appearance of the disease, shift the disease to another status. To do this, we always need new therapies to stop the appearance. Very rarely does a disease or ailment show us its true face. If we recognize and judge it correctly from the beginning and have already the right means to fight it, it means we have reached the source of the disease or that of the suffering; our therapy now has a lasting and long-term effect. But if we treat only the symptoms or the appearance of the disease, we achieve only to move it in another stage. As a result, we have to use more therapies in the hope to reach the real face of the disease.
Once we have recognized this face, it may be that the appropriate therapy is not available.

Traditional medicine often succeeds, thanks to empirical (experimental, philosophical) means, in recognizing the true face of suffering and in fighting it efficiently. We often see it as witchcraft and our first thought is to refuse to accept it, to fight against, to destroy it, because we cannot find or accept a reliable explanation for the phenomenon. We can only understand the world with the means that are known to us. We keep evolving over time. So does the disease, our suffering. All peoples of this world are very aware of a local traditional medicine: the grandma recipe. This traditional medicine still exist in the Alps, often hidden, used unconsciously and very little documented. This treasure is waiting for us just around the corner.
 The source medicine of my thoughts has found a good inspiration here in the Alps. This is how The Alpine Doctor came about. The concept of source medicine was developed by me under the name Der Alpendoktor (The Alpine Doctor). It was the philosophy first, then the idea came up with years of observation and clinical experience. The place and time played a crucial role.
Our small team is proud to be part and to witness this whole development, able to share these results with all interested parties. It's exciting to see how the concept and philosophy behind Der Alpendoktor, Quellemedizin aus der Alpen (The Alpine Doctor, Source Medicine from the Alps), will develop and what the development and research in this area has us to offer.
In search of the source, the causes of life and suffering, I would like to thank everyone who was inspired by my concept The Alpine Doctor, Source Medicine from the Alps. Let us all contribute to discover, to develop and research this beautiful medicine in all his given forms.

Mihai-Cristian COTUL, November 2020