Some reflections

If you look from a plane, from above to the land below, you will notice a network of roads and rivers, and clusters of buildings (the villages, cities), along this channels. That`s acupuncture. A network of channels having a stream of energy that feeds the cells=People, tissues=Villages and the organs=Cities. With acupuncture you address this fundamental substance (the stream) in order to fit the supply (of energy, nutrients) to the needs of the consumers. If you want you can see the stream as the fundamental substance that bonds all the cells and tissues together. This is a very active environment where energy and solid matter (chemical substances, mediators, hormons) react in order to transmit the information (Qi) to every corner of the body and soul. Along this channels, matter develops building Highways like blood/lymphatic vessels and nerves. Acupoints can be seen as intersections (crossings) from where you can address more directions, as from the main road that connects this intersections (scientifically the acupoints can be seen as the spot of the fascia that is penetrated by the vascular-nerve bundle). 

Mihai Cotul 2012